Saturday, July 30, 2011

"This photo was when I was in Deering, Alaska in 1980 at which time I was in expedition for five months, from May until October, I was unable to leave this region easily, it was more like home than anywhere else. As I was leaving for Kotzebue from the mouth of the Buckland River in early October, it began to snow, I decided the summer was over and camping would then become more challenging.  I suffered culture 'shock' when I finally arrived in Fairbanks with all of the commerce and traffic, an alien landscape. The natives remain there, in Deering and Buckland, friendly and wondering why I packed it in and left.  I returned the following summer and continued further...north." 

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  1. What a wonderful photo. I have a photo of my dad in Kotzebue in one of my posts. He loved the native people.

    What a nice surprise on this summer Sunday morning, the last day of July.