Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"Few 'ancient' ivories in the world are as 'rich' as this example."  "Prehistoric Narwhal Tusk, sculpted and eternal"
"Expanded view of Mammoth...sculpted relief on Mammoth Tooth."
"Fully 'One Side' relief sculpture, of Mammoth, and others of the Ice Age...I found this tooth in an Arctic stream, underwater, among other rocks and boulders."

Monday, October 3, 2011

"Sea Gull"...skull, sometimes discovered just lying on the forest floor, sometimes along a beach, on a hill side or in a cliff face.  Skulls are where you find them, they are 'sculptures' in their own right, as this one in the photo, sculpted from 'Mammoth Ivory.'
"Mortuary Mask with head ornaments, 'missing,' and a larger hole under the 'chin' to 'peg' the mask to a wooden body.  It had stood near a grave for a perhaps a century before falling into the tundra, where it became frozen and preserved in this perpetual ice, (permafrost)."  (Mammoth bone, surface erosion)
"Caramel colored ivory, sculpted in my studio, a nice piece of ancient walrus ivory, I had discovered along a beach near  Kotzebue, Alaska."