Monday, May 17, 2010

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

"They came home with me from their place on the tundra"  "My cabin in the woods, Fairbanks, Alaska."  "They tell stories when glaciers were everywhere, and men wore 'parkas' of 'Short Face' bear fur, walked in trails of the 'Mammoth' whom drank from rivers with such heights that they could see into dreams.  I walk in the same trails, even though the tracks of the Mammoth have stepped into the trails of distance."

"From the Clay to Amulet"

"Buried in the clay, washed by summer rain and cleaned to a glow."  "Mammoth tusk, darkened by storms and elements, disguised as drift-wood, ignored by caribou and scented by a passing wolf.  "Low tide, just inches to show it to me, in my hand...then drafted to my work...benevolently."

Thursday, May 13, 2010

"He walks towards my place, nearby.  The winds stopped and now a gentle breeze in my face and I drink it in.  His foot-fall is rhythmic and steady as he walks into my view.  I move from one foot to another and he gains the distance in each track.  I speak in a tone and listens, he looks to me and climbs, looks back and vanishes.  He is gone, but the breeze moves him along a new trail.  The wind returns now and I stand in visit."

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Tired, ill from chaos and newly arrived to my river in the Arctic.  "Crossing, the same place, in the river to set camp.  The plane's engines still a roar in the distance as my head pleads for rest.  The tent now up and gear stowed as I fill my pan to boil.  "Out of my vision is a Mammoth tusk near my tracks in the to my success"


"Close, and colorful, with common place.  Even with this, is no sound, the slight ripples in the water, breathing the two of us...close."  Another mystery of outcome, in motion, no waiting.  The river flows north and he tracks south, next to me.  Saying something to end the mystery or 'salute' the moment as we pass."