Friday, July 1, 2011

"Celebrity 'Deloris Cannon' publisher, Ozarks Publishing, Arkansas and international author and Hypnotherapist.  Past Life regression specializing in 'lost Knowledge.'  I had completed a session with Deloris at her office in Huntsville, Arkansas for a 'past life' understanding, physical healing therapy,  UFO encounters and a firm understanding of our "Custodians' of this planet.  I continue to research Deloris's findings and my own research and visual encounters of my many UFO sightings, Deloris is 80 years of age as of this year and a very good 'new' friend." 


  1. Wow Mammoth you actually went to see her, well done
    Hope your feeling better.

  2. Tell us more. I'm very intrigued....

    Glad you're back. Always good to read a post.