Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Without the aid of video, these UFO's entered very rapidly, in rotation and dispersed into singular vehicles or lights, and sped away in the same direction as the Air Asia aircraft...25 February, 2011,  from Bali to Perth, Australia, photos by Jessica Sidmore (daughter, age 12)."  "note: slightly above and below the UFO's that are visible, are other lights that appear be other UFO's on the way...When I return to the states in May 2011, I will have these photos examined by high tech equipment to ascertain what these 'other' lights may be" 
"Following their 'flash' entry, they deploy in a dispersed formation and increase speed in the same direction of the Air Asia airlines...One group after another 'flash' entered and subsequently dispersed in rapid succession"
"We hear all of the time, that folks never see anything of strange lights, or UFO's and yet from my observations, we rarely 'look up.'  As a passing bird, or an airliner so high up there is no noise, uncommonly viewed.  It is this reason that few of us never see a UFO. Now-a-days, I bring a lightweight pair of binoculars and a small camera with good video capability...I still look up and will publish anything I discover, I discipline my search, looking up whenever I see sky, this is what it takes to view them!"