Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"Few 'ancient' ivories in the world are as 'rich' as this example."  "Prehistoric Narwhal Tusk, sculpted and eternal"
"Expanded view of Mammoth...sculpted relief on Mammoth Tooth."
"Fully 'One Side' relief sculpture, of Mammoth, and others of the Ice Age...I found this tooth in an Arctic stream, underwater, among other rocks and boulders."

Monday, October 3, 2011

"Sea Gull"...skull, sometimes discovered just lying on the forest floor, sometimes along a beach, on a hill side or in a cliff face.  Skulls are where you find them, they are 'sculptures' in their own right, as this one in the photo, sculpted from 'Mammoth Ivory.'
"Mortuary Mask with head ornaments, 'missing,' and a larger hole under the 'chin' to 'peg' the mask to a wooden body.  It had stood near a grave for a perhaps a century before falling into the tundra, where it became frozen and preserved in this perpetual ice, (permafrost)."  (Mammoth bone, surface erosion)
"Caramel colored ivory, sculpted in my studio, a nice piece of ancient walrus ivory, I had discovered along a beach near  Kotzebue, Alaska."

Friday, September 16, 2011

"River in the Arctic, thirty miles from the Arctic Ocean. Solo, and for weeks, here and camped for now.  The tent is up, the mosquitoes have been chased out, and I remain outside for a while, tired though, but the stillness, the only sound is the drumming in my ears, and the walk of the Mammoth in the distant breezes on it's way...to me." "Sleep comes easily, I have visions instead of dreams" 
"I asked her for a 'photo' but she looked down at her fingers, she played with the foxtail grass, and she looked at me when I bent down to get her attention, I called her beautiful and said 'I liked her beaded kuspuk,' I thanked for this photo...and bought mammoth ivory from her mother, in Koyuk village, Alaska...(Norton Sound)...Bering Sea."

Saturday, August 13, 2011

"Prehistoric images of a Human quality, sculpted from 500 to 3000 years ago in Arctic Alaska is a worthy quest for any archaeologist and researcher.  I comb beaches and totally rely on nature to toss one my way, by virtue of erosion or simply lying in beach sand, gravel or river deposits.  I cover ground, searching continuously and rarely disappointed, even if I discover a fossil, gemstone or a tusk of a walrus, and in my better days a 'Saber Tooth' canine stuck between pebbles of an Ice Age landslide.  This photo illustrates a walrus ivory sculpture discovered in a burial probably eroded out of it's place or actually dug from an ancient house by a local Inuit resident.  I occasionally collect one by purchase, and add it, along with any provenance of it's discovery.  The Arctic region is vast, it is thousands of miles across and beaches so vast that a life time would be invested in it's discoveries.  It is mostly a spiritual quest, Trails of a Solo Spirit!"

Saturday, July 30, 2011

"This photo was when I was in Deering, Alaska in 1980 at which time I was in expedition for five months, from May until October, I was unable to leave this region easily, it was more like home than anywhere else. As I was leaving for Kotzebue from the mouth of the Buckland River in early October, it began to snow, I decided the summer was over and camping would then become more challenging.  I suffered culture 'shock' when I finally arrived in Fairbanks with all of the commerce and traffic, an alien landscape. The natives remain there, in Deering and Buckland, friendly and wondering why I packed it in and left.  I returned the following summer and continued further...north." 
"Distributed along the coast of the Chukchi Sea, Inuit tents and subterranean sod houses, still to this day 'remain' as impressions all along the coast.  As I fly over the beach ridges, they are as numerous as migrating geese.  Bones of marine mammals stack up like drift wood where they lay...for centuries." 

Friday, July 1, 2011

"Celebrity 'Deloris Cannon' publisher, Ozarks Publishing, Arkansas and international author and Hypnotherapist.  Past Life regression specializing in 'lost Knowledge.'  I had completed a session with Deloris at her office in Huntsville, Arkansas for a 'past life' understanding, physical healing therapy,  UFO encounters and a firm understanding of our "Custodians' of this planet.  I continue to research Deloris's findings and my own research and visual encounters of my many UFO sightings, Deloris is 80 years of age as of this year and a very good 'new' friend." 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Without the aid of video, these UFO's entered very rapidly, in rotation and dispersed into singular vehicles or lights, and sped away in the same direction as the Air Asia aircraft...25 February, 2011,  from Bali to Perth, Australia, photos by Jessica Sidmore (daughter, age 12)."  "note: slightly above and below the UFO's that are visible, are other lights that appear be other UFO's on the way...When I return to the states in May 2011, I will have these photos examined by high tech equipment to ascertain what these 'other' lights may be" 
"Following their 'flash' entry, they deploy in a dispersed formation and increase speed in the same direction of the Air Asia airlines...One group after another 'flash' entered and subsequently dispersed in rapid succession"
"We hear all of the time, that folks never see anything of strange lights, or UFO's and yet from my observations, we rarely 'look up.'  As a passing bird, or an airliner so high up there is no noise, uncommonly viewed.  It is this reason that few of us never see a UFO. Now-a-days, I bring a lightweight pair of binoculars and a small camera with good video capability...I still look up and will publish anything I discover, I discipline my search, looking up whenever I see sky, this is what it takes to view them!"  

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Camp Ikpikpuk at about thirty miles from the Arctic Ocean, Alaska...I always choose a 'gravel bar' for camp as it has little sand to track into the tent and the gravel makes 'noise' when an animal walks over it."  "My main concern is to sleep well enough yet guard the boat and gear from a curious bear, they have been known to destroy a camp in seconds along with my inflatable boat...not a place to try a 'walk a-bout.'