Thursday, April 22, 2010

    "Death, is a very strange term, it has habit with loss and fear, set aside to warrant distraction of it's true meaning and deemed tragic.  To the cycle of breath and the walk, as to nourish in fare, then death be renamed, as I journey on, in my 'solo' drift, I name death as a river ceases and flowers start.  I welcome the journey across the tundra, to take sense of it, as I am of it, welcomed by it.  The length of it and the sky above it, keep me.  It does now as I live in smallest of it.  It continues in my change as the ice comes and the berries are dried, I too enter the season, my trail will return to me."

"Within the leaf, the flower and the spines of support.  As the wind speeds overhead it is just a breeze in the cover.  When we can hear this, it is laughter, a certain quality of performance and dance.  As we lie down amongst them, we all come to know that we too are nature, as leaf, flower and spine for support.  As our time in the leaf, then as a creature to view at rest, soon, we then will fly...taking it all with us"
"Facing the traffic, and onslaught of a crowd is normal and a daily routine for people of this world.  To exist within a flower, surrounded in a certain color and translucence, warm and fragrant.  The rain in it's own lens of light changing in the wind.  Walking in sound drafted by cracking surf and rainbows of winking sun beams as the flock of Sandhill cranes bank on the offshores lost in the mists.  I turn now to my tent of yellow with my warm bed out of the weather and lean down to team with a blueberry, it's own nature supported in green.  To the sand it shifts to the lee and sprays it's quartz in layers.  A char moves in rhythm to the swells that lead to my port.  It is song, the mode of it, it is where we ...belong."

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Woolly Mammoth Ivory"  discovered on my the Arctic, is my choice of medium for my sculpture enterprise.   I discover this wonderful ancient ivory in the beach sand...on river banks...gravel bars...and ancient  'Ice Age' lakes and ponds that to this day still harbors bone and tusks of the extinct Mammoth."  "I sculpture motifs of ancient stories of the 'Inuit' passed down by verbal record, deciphered in my endeavor, such as this 'Shaman Inuit' swimming with the walrus to 'sing out' their location to the hunters."
"Woolly Mammoth Tusk"  "Discovered in ten feet of  icy water"  "Rivers that have been draining melt water and rain to the Arctic Ocean for unrecorded  thousands of years as the surrounding ground lie permanently frozen, preserving ivories and bones in organic condition"
"When we walked into the was this country we lived in...very few people existed 40,000 years distant and the 'land' was clear and in 'Ice Age' condition.  "We could walk for weeks in any direction and not meet another person...when we came into a camp or village it was a welcoming encounter with an audience of listeners of stories, feasting and followed by trade...of  Mammoth  Ivory carvings and other 'found' treasures"
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