Friday, September 16, 2011

"River in the Arctic, thirty miles from the Arctic Ocean. Solo, and for weeks, here and camped for now.  The tent is up, the mosquitoes have been chased out, and I remain outside for a while, tired though, but the stillness, the only sound is the drumming in my ears, and the walk of the Mammoth in the distant breezes on it's me." "Sleep comes easily, I have visions instead of dreams" 
"I asked her for a 'photo' but she looked down at her fingers, she played with the foxtail grass, and she looked at me when I bent down to get her attention, I called her beautiful and said 'I liked her beaded kuspuk,' I thanked for this photo...and bought mammoth ivory from her mother, in Koyuk village, Alaska...(Norton Sound)...Bering Sea."