Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"Twenty Miles to the Arctic Ocean" "Bull Woolly Mammoth Tusk as found in the river, an overall majority of fossils are considered 'Secondary Deposition,' meaning they are buried and uncovered numerous occasions by the rise of water levels as it shifts the gravels, burying tusks and exposing them continuously." "Primary Deposition is when fossils are first exposed by permafrost thaw process and are commonly in excellent condition." "I discover both and consider myself very fortunate to find a permafrost primary specimen."

"It just seems improbable that a tusk of this clarity should be discovered just lying in very shallow river bed. It takes some consideration to grasp the remote location of these areas. When this far north and 'alone,' our personality is shifted internally and we express stimulus, out loud, to what only we can hear...I listen to outside 'Nature' until surprised or impressed by something going on...in the Arctic."

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