Monday, March 11, 2013

"Full curl Woolly Mammoth Tusk, discovered in Ice Age mud, fine wind blown silt driven and deposited by thawing glaciers of the former Ice Age. Entire herds of Woolly Mammoth crossing their ancient trails as northern ice blockaded any course they may take both from the north and to the east.  They dwelled in an 'Ice Free' corridor in northern Alaska referred to as the North Slope that spans all the way to Russia to as far east as the Mackenzie river system. This North Slope is that of the northern prairies of the Brooks range.  Thousands of generations of Woolly Mammoth and other species had lived in this prairie with it's lush short summer seasons of grasslands and lakes with river systems. I have ventured here many times, and no doubt traveled along the old trails that laced these regions, as the trails are now buried in shallow turf underfoot still resonates with it's voices also preserved in the dimension of time known as the Pleistocene."

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  1. What an adventure your life has been and surely continues to be.... I am soooo happy to see you posting again...