Thursday, March 18, 2010

"1974 in Alaska, headed for a 'televised muzzle-loading shooting competition in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with the main sponsor being Hollywood movie star 'Slim Pickens.'  Got a hundred mountaineers competing for first place a new (Greenriver 58 cal. Indian Trade Rifle) 'shoot until you miss' elimination.  Television cameras rolling "Wide World of Sports" with smoke rising and good old 'Slim' handling his custom made 'turn-barrel' blasting away.  Targets, such as a small pan dangling on a chain, with my good friend 'Lee Walsh' and I showing these 'pilgrims'  how it's done.  He and I couldn't miss this particular target in every volley so the judges moved the target back ten more yards...too see...and Lee stands up and after the smoke clears...he misses...cleanly,  I stand on the line and 'bowled' over the pan, chain and hook as it fell to the ground.  And that is how it went through the entire match and finally when the smoke cleared 'Alaska' won the rifle.!"

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